Saturday, 28 November 2009

Welcome to Castle Mill Oxford

Castle Mill is part of the University of Oxford Graduate Housing and is home to 69 students living in single accommodation and 62 couples or families. Every adult here either studies at the University of Oxford, or has a partner who studies there. We must have a lot in common. We live with trains for a start. The railway is only yards from our door. I like it, others find it too noisy, or are worried about the pollution it causes.

So what is the point of this blog? Well, I thought it would be good for the people of Castle Mill to have an online forum to get to know each other, arrange social events and talk about those things that affect everybody who lives here. In the summer, perhaps we could have a barbeque on the green in the middle of our home. Every now and then, perhaps a few of us could walk off to The Perch for a drink and a chat. Whatever we decide to do, I thought we could make a start here.

I have put a few function buttons down the side of the blog to give an idea of the things we could use this space for. Firstly, arranging social events or bringing people together. If you are looking to get to know your neighbours, why not invite them out for a drink and chat using Castle Mill People? Parents and babies, you get a special section. Would you like to meet each other for a coffee in the common room one morning? Arrange it here! There are sometimes things that everyone needs to know, so, on Castle Mill People there is a place for Malcolm to alert us to new notices, etc. Also, when people are moving in and moving out, there are often unwanted items that need a new home, or wanted items that need to be found. If you would like to sell something, or give it away; if you need something and would like it for free, why not put an advert here? To make a post on Castle Mill People, just email If you would like replies, then indicate how you would like them, in the comments boxes, or via your own email address (which you would need to publish).

That is the plan, I hope you like it. So, welcome to Castle Mill. If you have read this and think that it is a good idea, please make a comment. If you would like to make a post to the Castle Mill community, please email


  1. Hello Castle mill people! I think this is a great idea, I hope it all goes well! x

  2. I just stumbled across this blog and was wondering whether you're still at Castle Mill. I'll be living there from September and would like to know what it's like?

  3. Can you use the footpath under the small railway bridge over the stream, or do you have to walk by the main station to get to the town center?

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